How can I access nested Revit families from Speckle?

Hi Specklers - How can I access objects and parameters in nested in Revit families from Speckle / GH?
When I inspect a nested family from Speckle online viewer or GH, it seems all objects are merged into a single mesh and the nested properties are not available anymore. Has anyone found out the way or a workaround for this?
Thank you!

Hey @FeRnB,

I just checked and actually we’re not supporting nested families atm. This is something we’ll be able to solve quite easily in 2.0, but for the time being you might need to link parameters of the nested family with their parent…

I’ve created an issue so we don’t forget about it: Support nested families · Issue #23 · speckleworks/SpeckleRevitReboot · GitHub

@teocomi, I thought I’d share an update on this, as it may give you a hint.
If you tick the “Shared” parameter in each of the nested families they will export / be streamed along with the parent family (see below). This means there will be a duplication of the geometry. Not ideal, but it did the trick for now.


Linking parameters from nested to parent didn’t quite work for me as I would have to create different parameters for the same purpose (making filtering more complicated). This would be the case if I want to expose the material from nested families with the parent. Also, some parameters cannot be linked, I believe, e.g. volume.