Help With List Import to Excel

Hi all,
I’m currently working on developing a workflow which runs as:

• Cells are manually filled in excel by the user. This data is sent to a stream which is automatically received through the receive node in GH.

• A GH script runs when this data is received and then automatically sends 12 lists of new data to a different stream through the GH send node.

• This data is then imported to a separate excel sheet.

The workflow works as a concept right now but I’d like to make the import of the GH data into excel quicker for the user.

I’m currently sending 12 separate lists from GH, which must all be individually imported. This only takes 1-2 mins but ideally would love if this data could come through in just one click. I’m aware I could add all the data into one list in grasshopper but then all twelve lists are imported as one long horizontal list in excel. The tool also works in such a way that the lists don’t remain the same length each time, so not easily fixed with a macro (although this would be possible, not the most ideal solution.)

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to import multiple lists into excel, in one go, but in a way that each list starts in a new row?

If this isn’t currently possible, I think this would be a hugely beneficial update to the connector.



Interesting topic! Regarding updating the Excel connector, with some colleagues we had a chat about that as well.

Someone shared this example and they would love to see similar things for the Speckle Excel connector: CellBIM update early 2022 - YouTube (e.g.: easier filtering and data selection, 3d viewer on the side, linking Speckle data to certain cells with easy update).

I can see many use cases that can benefit from this! Plus it will encourage people to use Speckle and move away from other workflows they are currently using (e.g. Grasshopper / Revit plugins to communicate with Excel).

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Hi Holly,

The excel connector does not have a mode to automatically receive data (yet!), if you don’t mind clicking a few buttons all the rest should be possible :slight_smile:

Yes, I definitely think this sort of additional feature would differentiate Speckle more from GH/Revit plugins. Currently I use Speckle, mainly due to it being more reliable, but the more differentiating features it can add, the more likely I see companies and individuals adopting Speckle.

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Thanks for your reply teocomi. This is what I was expecting, but as I’m trying to create a fully automated workflow I thought I’d raise it here to show interest.

Here’s hoping that “(yet!)” is hinting to it coming :crossed_fingers: