Help understanding Auth in speckle clients

Excuse the noobish questions, I don’t know vue and don’t have loads of front end experience.

I’m trying to update the login process on some clients I’ve made so they’re a bit smoother and can support SSO. One of them is an excel add-in so I decided to take a look at what was done in the SpeckleExcel client. I can see the /signin page is just loaded in an iframe, which makes things nice and easy. But I don’t really see how the response from the auth requests is then accessed outside of this iframe (i.e. in the app itself)… Is there anyone here who worked on this and could point me in the right direction?

In 1.0 there isn’t really a proper SSO process in place :grimacing: The source you’d be looking for is here: SpeckleExcel/accounts-bindings.js at master · speckleworks/SpeckleExcel · GitHub

Nevertheless, if the clients are all desktop based, you can access account info from the good old sqlite db in %appdata%/Speckle . I am really rusty on 1.0 stuff so can’t be more helpful than this i’m afraid. If extra info is dislodged in my brain, I’ll dump it here.

not really proper SSO, but I figured reproducing this was a start since it seems to log in with the JWT rather than email/pw and it looks like the arup servers only support that kinda request

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