Help streaming data from Revit to GH

Hi again,

maybe I’m missing something here,
I’m trying to stream geometry from Revit to GH.

For example walls;
I take all elements of Wall category and plug them through the Element.Geometry+ node.
Then I try to send the dynamoGeometry through Speckle.
It appears in GH as a SpeckleCore.SpeckleAbstract.

Is this completely wrong workflow? Do I need to convert it to some other type of data to get it in GH?

Thanks in advance,

You will need to convert it to a mesh first in order for it to work.

We’re going to start work soon on some sort of direct revit integration that will probably resolve this one way or the other, but until then there’s this workaround using mesh toolkit that @alvpickmans made:

Thereafter, you can use the user data set component to set whatever other extra properties you would need.