Help! Importing Model to GSA 10.1

Hi Hello Guys! This is Lance and I am currently an Intern @ ARUP HK. I just wanted to ask if you guys have encountered any problems regarding combining to models that intersect at a point when pushing the data from grasshopper to GSA 10.1? It seems that when I merge and send these two models some members disappear in GSA(See Photo 1). I tired to send both model individually and it worked fine (See Photo 2 and 3). I also tried sending both models one by one but other members disappear(See Photo 4) I attached the photos below for reference as well as my GH script. Pardon my GH script (it is very messy) I am very new to grasshopper and I just started this month and I am very sorry for this.

P.S. I also encountered an issue where you could not keep pushing files to GSA with the same stream when you open SpeckleGSAv2, it seams like the files you pushed would overlap. I am not sure if this is a bug or an intended feature for us to keep restarting SpeckleGSAv2 whenever we want to push another model.

Messy 1_Rhino Modeeling GH (250.3 KB)