Having an installation (git) error speckle in UE5


I am having an installation error. I am following the steps from “Getting started with Unreal Engine using Speckle - Webinar” and I used Git Bash for uploading the speckle folder. After I got the " missing xxx modules" I am clicking Yes to rebuild them now and then I received another error like “MyProject could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.”

I also checked the Saved/Log folder to see the source of the error, but I couldn’t solve it!

Could you please help me about this? Thanks!!!


Hi @Humeyra_Cam

Please could you let me know what platform (Windows/Linux/Mac x64/Mac arm) and what version of Unreal Engine you are trying to use.

Hi, @Jedd

I am using Windows and Unreal Engine 5.


Please can you try building directly from Visual Studio 2022 / Rider.
To do this, open your project’s .sln file.

If you don’t see one, then you may need to generate one like so:

This should give us some more meaningful error messages, if not build successfully.

Thank you for you explanation.

I tried to create a .sln file as you told but I have this error right now.


Ok, maybe you could try

  1. Removing the \Plugins\speckle-unreal folder.

  2. Opening your project in the unreal editor

  3. Generating source files through the Tools menu.
    It might say “Generate Visual Studio Project”, or it might say “Refresh Visual Studio Project” depending on whether it thinks it already has one generated.

  4. And then finally, adding back the \Plugins\speckle-unreal modules, and rebuilding from there.

There is a good chance the option to “Generate Visual Studio Project” is greyed out, in this case, you can try adding a C++ class (from the same Tools) menu.

If this doesn’t work, then please could you ensure you have VS 2022 installed with the needed components. (see Setting Up Visual Studio Development Environment for C++ Projects in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation)

Please let me know how you get on, would be happy to walk you through these steps over a call if you’d prefer.

I’ve just pushed some changes to main that may (or may not) help with any build errors.
please fetch and pull the latest changes.