Has anyone looked at syncing COBie xlsx to Speckle?

In the UK we often need to extract modelled data into a COBie xlsx fomat and it seams to me that Speckle would be a grand route to remove often manual operations. There are also use cases where COBie data needs to be exchanged back into a model environment. Has anyone looked at this issue with speckle? Many thanks.

Hi @GraemeT, welcome to the forum!

Our team hasn’t looked at this yet, but since COBie is based on Excel files, you should be able to use our Excel connector to send some of its data to/from Speckle.

Now, I imagine it would become a bit messy, given the amount of data in a COBie file, but it could work for some simple use cases :slight_smile:

How were you planning to use this data once inside Speckle? Of which model environments were you thinking?