Hackathon: Beyond the Speckleverse

Beyond the Speckleverse: June 7-9

Hey @Community !

You heard it first here, we’re organizing an online global hackathon :rocket:

Last year, we embarked on a journey Into the Speckleverse, where your groundbreaking ideas began to reshape the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) landscape. This year, we’re going even further.

Welcome to Beyond the Speckleverse: The AEC Innovation Odyssey, our second edition of the online global hackathon crafted for the dauntless, the innovators, and the perpetually curious within the AEC realm.

This new chapter promises to expand the horizons of what we achieved last time, opening up to an even wider audience of professional developers, computational designers, and every kind of innovator in between. Our themes are tailored to challenge your creativity and push the boundaries of the possible.

All the information about the event can be found on the hackathon website.

You can use this category to ask any question and this one to find teammates, or use the functionality of the hackathon website.