Grasshopper to Revit: Vertical Columns vs. Levels

Hi guys,

I’m currently toying around a bit with the Grasshopper connector by pushing some vertical columns to Revit 2022. By doing that I have encountered a strange behavior of the vertical columns node (architecture section of the Speckle2Revit Tab) … Somehow it always references the base level also to the top-level of the column … no matter what I do.

I have tried it out on the English and German Revit and also by using the Revit Standard template (english imperical) instead of ours. I have added my grasshopper definition as well to this post. (15.3 KB)

Does this happen on your side too?

Thanks for helping me out!


Hi Alex, thanks for reporting!

I believe this issue has been fixed already, I just tried and it worked well with our latest code.
A new release is due in a couple of days, so please give it a go again then :slight_smile:

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