Grasshopper Speckle 2 GSA help with perimeter and link element

I need help with 2 components in Speckle 2 for Grasshopper. I’m trying to get the GSAElement1D component in Speckle 2 GSA to work, but I cant seem to get the right components. There’s a screenshot attached to show what I have tried and I dont know where to go from here.

I also need help with the perimeter component in section profile. Whenever I try to put it into GSA, it wont load the perimeter. Can someone send an example of what they did? This is what I have done.

Hi @Thomas_Chu!

Let me first welcome you to our community! You can Introduce yourself 🙆 to everyone here if you feel like it :wink:

As for your problem, @Reynold_Chan may be the best suited to help you out on GSA stuff.

Meanwhile, could you share with us the error you’re getting from the GSA node?

If you could also share the GH file it could speed things up :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this up! We’ll get back to you as soon as we have some news on this :raised_hands:t3:

Here are some example files that have the same error. Also attached is a screenshot of the error message.
error message
example.3dm (29.8 KB) (15.1 KB)

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Thanks! That helps :slight_smile: I’ll give it a go this morning and get back to you

I think I have figured out the problem concerning the perimeter component. I think that it only looks at curves from the “Right” viewport in rhino, so if your curve is parallel to that viewport, it will take your curve as a line. I still need help figuring out the link property to work. Thank you for your help in advance.

i’m going to redirect this to @d.naughton for help :slight_smile: The GSA components aren’t maintained by us.

Thanks for jumping in @AlanRynne and @Reynold_Chan! We’ve touched base with @Thomas_Chu :slight_smile:

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