Grasshopper "send" issue

Hi, I realized that I can’t really send too many things by one time. When I tried to send around 2000 points from GH, there will be a red warning like “the url string is too long, etc”. Is there any way to solve this issue? I think the beta version I used last year didn’t have this issue. Thanks.

hi @Xuechuan_Qin! (feel free to introduce yourself if you have the time!)

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve reproduced it with the latest version as well, and I suspect I know where it’s coming from. As this is quite an annoying bug, we hope to fix it soon and publish a new release of the plugin. We’ll follow up here as soon as we can.

@cristi, late night existential question: why are we url encoding the post body of the diff request? If it’s serialised json it shouldn’t need that. I’ll dig, I might be totally off right now…

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Okay, there’s a fix in the pipeline: Dim/hotfix by didimitrie · Pull Request #575 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

We’ll most likely release it tomorrow morning. Apologies, and again thanks for reporting!

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