Grasshopper receive node automatically splits data into branches

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the GH connector:
I am working on some automatizations to check if values have been correctly filled into parameters for both rvt and c3d files. For now, I use grasshopper to script these LOI checks. The project I’m currently working on has 20+ discipline models, each different from one another.

The receive node within GH automatically splits up geometry into layers. I am however interested in all data, so that I can filter myself. As every model is different, the receive node always changes depending on the model received. This means I have to manually entwine all the data into one grasshopper data stream again, for every single model.

For me it would make sense if the Grasshopper Receive node has an output at the top, which combines all data. The layers could still be represented in branches, as long as they are combined into one grasshopper data stream.

Do you have any solution to this?
Kind regards

Hi @dbr,

You can deactivate the expanding behaviour of the receiver, which will then output a single Speckle Object
Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 14.28.43

You can then operate on that object using our speckle nodes (getting the keys for an object, or the values for specific keys), or if you’re aiming for something more custom it’s possible to use them inside python or c# scripts.



I completely missed that. Cheers!


No worries! :partying_face: Let us know if you bump into any other troubles