Grasshopper public links not working

A colleague and me are trying to share a grasshopper script that includes speckle. So i’ve made a public stread and added it to the speckle component. Now the stream and component are receiving and sending data when i use the script. When he uses the script he gets an error that the stream is not accesible.
When he copy pastes the link in his browser he is able to view the stream with his account though.

It also works when I create a stream and share it with him. We want to implement the scripts company wide and it would be a hassle having to add everyone. Could you investigate the issue?

Also is there a possibility you guys add an input to the create stream component that it has a boolean for public stream.

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Hi @Jvpoel!

Are you using or do you have your own deployment?

If you’re using our public server, could you share the stream and the GH script you’re running?

You can do so by private message if you can’t share publicly. :+1:t3:

I think that should be doable, I’ll run it by the team.

I’ve sent you a message with the info.

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