Grasshopper ParameterUpdater Issue

Hi community, i’m trying to send Parameter Updates to the stream from GH to then recieve them in Revit.

I’m following the steps from this tutorial:

But when press “Send” i get an Error: "T0: “One or few issues happened” (translated)

My goal is to get rooms from revit, calculate some parameters and then send updated values back. I dont understand what does cause the issue… Any ideas how to fix this?

I’m not sure why but i managed to get it work by connecting to ‘stream’ input the output from Speckle ‘streams’ component.

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Hi @Mykyta_Onopko,

thanks for reaching out (and also posting your solution!)

The only difference I see between both is that on the solution, the stream url has the user id, while the original does not. This isn’t usually a problem unless you have multiple accounts from the same server setup in your Speckle Manager. Is that the case?

Basically, if you have more than 1 account for any given server, we may be using the wrong one to send/receive from a stream. You can also use the Get Stream component to specify which account you want to use:


I’ll also fix the unhelpful error message for the next release, so it would display a more meaningful description :+1:t3:


Thank you, @AlanRynne , you are right there actually were few account connected. Thank you again for clarifying that issue in more details to me! :slight_smile:

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