Grasshopper for Rhino3D (Hops)

Hello, my name is Michael Wickerson

I am currently interested in creating fluid and easy to follow grasshopper scripts for Rhino3D that stretch back into python machine learning and data science libraries by running ghhops_servers thru Flask in Visual Studio Code. Then architects, engineers, artists and designers alike can model with the grasshopper vanilla nodes and plugins, all the while, hopping to the python functions and classes with the hops component. They can then create new and interesting forms and geometries that may actually lead to the curve tool paths for all types of robotic additive manufacturing porcesses.

Speckle seems to be the newest and back place for these type of international collaborations to take place.


github: [mwickerson (Michael Wickerson) (](

youtube video tutorials: Michael Wickerson - YouTube LIVE tutorials daily: michael_wickerson’s Schedule - Twitch

Support on Patreon: Michael Wickerson is creating Python Scripts in VSC for Grasshopper and Rhino3D | Patreon

All the Best, here’s to future collaborations,

Michael Wickerson

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