Grasshopper detached properties "@"

Hi Speccool team!

After being using the gh connectors intensively later, I’d like to report my feedback on the detached properties, merely as user perspective.
90% of the time I do this mistake:

and 50% of the time I don’t recognize at first glance why my object doesn’t have the fuc**** attribute since I just assigned it!

Does anybody else doing this mistake every time?

Some arguments:

  1. The system is doing something behind the scene without telling me that. The property name is in fact changed

  2. should “detached” be the default?

  3. Instead of marking when a property is not detached, mark when is detached!
    Why not something like this:


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Hey @iltabe, that’s good feedback there. We feel ya!

I think this

makes total sense. We were probably stuck in a loop when we did this, it makes much more sense that way 🙇🏻‍♂️

PS: Raised an issue so we keep track of it.