Grasshopper custom properties to Revit object

Would it be possible to add custom properties (not Revit parameters) to a Revit object within Grasshopper?
An example of what I was trying to do can be seen in the screenshot below.
In the red box, is a Speckle Line which keeps working fine while adding the custom properties (Extend Speckle Object). A Speckle Revit Beam works fine on it’s own (white box). However, when I try to add custom properties (Extend Speckle Object) to this object, the sender stays on “Sending…” as you can see in the blue box.

Any suggestions on what to do?

I noticed that adding an input directly to CsO component also isn’t possible.

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Hey Jeroen,

In theory “Extend Speckle Object” should do it, we’ll look into it!

I see that Alan is replying too, maybe he has extra insights :slight_smile:

In the meantime I’ve logged it here: Extend Speckle Object not working with SchemaBuilder classes · Issue #518 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

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Hey @JdB, thanks for reporting this! I just checked and it would appear something is definitely wrong with extending Revit elements. Not sure if this is even supported, or it’s just an unintended side-effect! Maybe @teocomi can provide a bit more context, as he’s the one that developed most of this part.

Anyway, is there any specific reason you don’t want to create Parameters instead? :slight_smile: we’d love to hear about it!!

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Thank you both for the quick reply!
I want to send a beam from GH to Revit. I want to add custom properties to the Speckle object that shouldn’t be added to the Revit instance. If I use the Revit parameter it will be added to the Revit instance, but this shouldn’t happen in my case.


Okay, gotcha - you can probably use, post schema builder component, the extend speckle object component by keys and values. This will add properties directly to the object, and not in its parameters (which get translated to revit). See the “extend speckle object” part from my answer here: Speckle Object Keys:Values - Characters Not Allowed - #2 by dimitrie

Let us know if that does the trick!

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Thanks for the suggestion. But I’m not sure what you mean, because Isn’t that what I already did in the blue box? So define the Revit beam (with CsO) then ESO to add the properties to the Speckle object.
I could convert a line to a Speckle object and then add the properties, but then it doesn’t generate the beam in Revit. Or am I missing something?

As a test I’ve added the to Speckle component (which probably already happens in the CsO component, but just to test), but the sender doesn’t work.

By the way, I still get this annoying bug every now and then (now it took 5 times of rebooting Rhino and GH)

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My bad, I haven’t had my second coffee yet! @AlanRynne’s poking it as we speak in the issue Matteo linked above. Hopefully we’ll have it sorted soon.

The No default kit error… is the stuff of nightmares though.


Hey there @JdB ! Quick update:

We managed to fix the Create Schema Object node issues with custom properties, they should now work as intended/expected!

  • You can extend a custom schema directly on the node by adding removing properties
  • You can also extend the schema object later on with the Extend Speckle Object node.
  • Either way, data is successfully sent/received (sender no longer gets stuck)

Fix is merged so you’ll get it in the next release, or from the latest commit on master if you’re building your connectors from code.

As for the “No default kit found” issue… I really don’t know what to say! We delayed the search for kits as much as we could to prevent loading issues with GH (they now do it when the component is dropped in the canvas) :exploding_head: I’ll keep an eye out for this…

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Nice @AlanRynne ! That was fast! Thank you.

Hmm really strange indeed that “No default kit found” keeps happening even though the loading is delayed. If you’d like to have a look on my side one more time just let me know.

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