Grasshopper controller in speckle - tuto I find are out of date


Is there a way to have access of the panel control of grasshopper in the web app. I have seen some tuto, but they are out of date. Is someone have a link to share …

Many thanks.

Hey there, @Marc_HERMOUET!

I’d be happy to help you out. Could you please provide me with a link to the tutorial you’re referring to? I’ll take a look and make sure that all of the necessary resources are included. Thanks!

Hello, thank you.
Let me some minutes and I find it

In this post : GH Sliders / controllers in web viewer not showing up - #10 by alex_c

They speak about how to do what I want to do (Dimitri on 1 dec 2018) ut I can’t find the same menu enable remote control definition:

Thank for your help

Hey @Marc_HERMOUET ,

That is an ancient version of Speckle. It’s normal that you don’t see the same context menu. That was Speckle 1.0.

Yes i know, but is there an other way to do this feature ?

An other way could be create an receive speckle for the data. But how to add buttons, slider, or other control in thé web app.

Our current web app doesn’t support adding buttons, sliders, or other controls to manipulate the geometry. You can develop your own web application that uses our viewer, Rhino.Compute, and Grasshopper connector to achieve a similar result. Of course, this depends on your knowledge of these three tools.

I see how i must do
I’ll be able to do this with python…
But in this way, what the advantage of the app,
I could in this way, use a more simple viewer like openviewer 3D and build my code to modify the rhino file (with rhino.compute) and update the view ?

Not true ?