Grasshopper connector error

When I try to place a component on the canvas this happens. Any ideas?

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Hi @jan-casas

What version of the Rhino/Grasshopper connector are you using?

If you just updated to the lastest (2.11), do you happen to remember what version you had previously installed?

I’m trying to reproduce this issue in my test machine but haven’t been able to.

Usually, this errors are a result of a corrupt installation of the Rhino/Grasshopper connector, which is why I asked if you had just updated :slight_smile:

Have you tried uninstalling the connector and reinstalling it again?

You could also briefly check with a C# component if there is an old version of the connector stuck somewhere on your PC with this snippet: Grasshopper Speckle Connector install issues - #17 by teocomi

reinstalling the connectors did the trick!
Thank you very much for your amazing work