Grasshopper connector bug: Account from Server Token component

Hi Speckle Team

There seems to be a bug in the Account from Server Token component in Grasshopper in the latest update 2.14…3 which is breaking our workflow:


Try to hover over the A output of the component or hook a panel to it… Can you replicate it?

Hi @janx

thanks for bringing this up, I can reproduce in my test machine. Going to look into a fix now.

It seems like the ‘ToString’. method on the Account GH_Param is throwing, and causing the UI render cycle to fail.


I think I found the root cause :wink: We’ll try to make a new release with this fix on monday!

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Awesome! I look forward to it!

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@AlanRynne can you please keep me posted? :pray:

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PR is open and waiting approval :wink: fix(core): AccountManager.GetUserInfo was still using old user query by AlanRynne · Pull Request #2679 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

Once it’s merged I’ll make a hotfix for 2.14 that will include this.

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@AlanRynne thanks for looking into this! I see the PR has been merged :+1:

You should be getting an update notification in Manager for 2.14.4 sometime this morning :wink: