Grasshopper component duplicates application ID

Hey team,

We noticed that when grasshopper components are created by copy and pasting an original component, the applicationID of objects will be identical as opposed to create unique ids from each component. This is causing some issues when pushing objects into GSA for example where the difference between the objects cannot be distinguished. This issue does not occur when a new component is selected manually.

There is a WIP change on the Arup repo to help deal with this, but we wanted to post here to start a discussion on the best way to handle this!


Hi all,

I just encountered this problem myself as well.
Are there any advances towards a good solution to be included in the main repo?


Hey @d.naughton and @kelvin!

Sorry for the delay on this, it must have fallen through the cracks…

I think this may be a quick fix! I’ll open an issue on it and try to tackle it this upcoming sprint

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