Grasshopper breakpoint

After installing Speckle I recieve this exception everytime I launch grasshopper.

After uninstalling Speckle the mistake is gone.

Version 6 SR24
(6.24.20079.23341, 03/19/2020)

Hi @Max! Thanks for reporting tihs. It looks a bit strange - never seen this one before. We’ll need to know a bit more to debug!

  • First, what other plugins do you have installed? Sometimes there might be a conflict.
  • Does the Rhino plugin work? (you can check before opening gh) If not, what errors does that throw when you’re opening it up?

Would also help us knowing what version of Speckle you have installed. Did you try with the latest?

I’ve done some tests and it appears Speckle doesn’t like DecodingSpaces 2020.01 folder to be in my Grasshopper/Libraries.
Removing either Speckle or DecodingSpaces helps to avoid any error messages. Somehow they don’t like each other.

Btw error message doesn’t prevent Speckle from working