Grashopper to Revit

I am trying to send a environment model via direct shape from grasshopper to Revit 2022 but I am running into some issues:

  1. Although all geometry is sent to the speckle server not all geometry is imported in REVIT.
  2. Geometry being sent as directshape category Topography is being imported in Revit as vibration dampers
  3. Geometry being sent as directshape category Mass is being imported as Mechanical Equipment

Attached the link to the model:

Hey @Erik_Beeren this sounds suspicious as someone else reported a similar issue yesterday. Could you please tell us:

  • version of the Gh and Revit connectors
  • if the stream/model or mapping was created in an earlier version of Speckle by any chance
  • how are you assigning the direct shape categories? From our Grasshopper components or from Speckle Mapper in Rhino?

Hi @teocomi
I updated yesterday: 2.16.0

Can you please try deleting and re-creating the category and direct shape nodes?
Let us know if it works!


Hi @teocomi,

The topography direct shape is now imported in the right catgory, however the mass objects are completely ignored. Visible in the web viewer but not being imported by REVIT

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Sorry, mass was set to invisible in Revit view template


Great to hear it’s working now!

My assumption is that we moved a few things related to categories around in our codebase and that created a mismatch with scripts/mappings that were made with previous versions.

Sorry about it, we’ll be more careful in the future.


Hi @teocomi,

I reopened my project and the same problem is occurring again. Direct shape roofs have become roads, topography is transformed into vibration dampers, and masses is not imported into revit.
And wall by faces are not showing up in Revit

Hey @Erik_Beeren could share your GH file?

Any chance that your changes from last time were not saved?

You issue seems similar to what Oswaldo is experiencing here, and the topography is getting the wrong category number assigned 104 instead of 101:

I get the right one when starting from scratch:

Another option is that you might have an old version of Speckle (or other plugins using Speckle) installed that might be conflicting…

Hi @teocomi,

I think I found the bad guy.
There are two ways in speckle to generate directshapes. One from the “speckle 2 revit” tab and one from the speckle 2 tab. The one from the speckle 2 tab gives number 104, the other one gives the correct 101 number.

Now almost all geometry is sent in the right way. Only the wall by face is not generated in REVIT. (386.8 KB)


Hi @Erik_Beeren!

Thanks for bringing this up! It appears we introduced a bug in 2.15 that has gone unnoticed until now!

I’ve got a fix on the way and most likely it will be released on the next hotfix for 2.16

If you’re curious… there was a difference in the sorting of the dropdown, which was directly affecting the enum values returned as a result :sweat_smile::man_bowing:t3:

Here’s the PR with the fix fix(gh): Fixes sorting on dropdown for input enum values by AlanRynne · Pull Request #3020 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

BONUS: From now on, both DirectShape creation methods would have the output dropdown sorted for convenience… but this time with the right values :raised_hands:t3:

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