GraphQL toggle dark/light theme

I’ve checked Firefox and Chrome, and it appears that the GraphQL API defaults to a dark theme that makes it very difficult to read hover-over error messages or see the cursor location. Is there a way to add a toggle for the API to choose a theme? FWIW, I do not have dark mode enabled globally on my computer or browser, so this might be the case for anyone using the interface.


I’m afraid all that is based on an unsupported theme for GraphIQl. I’d recommend you use the /graphql endpoint, different, nicer and better. The only caveat: you’ll need to generate a token and put in your authorization headers manually:


Thanks! I thought based on the documentation that explorer was preferred (since it’s listed first), but I guess there’s not much difference between the two.

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It… partly is preferred, as it handles the whole token mumbo-jumbo - which saves some clicks and typos, but indeed - tooltips are horrible and the info in there is really helpful.

I’ve logged this here: Explorer Endpoint Tooltips · Issue #619 · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub