GH2Revit - Set Beam Location

Hi @gokermu how are you doing? I hope you had good start in the new year. I have one question Regarding Grasshopper to Revit. I have some curves in Grasshopper that I want to create Beams in Revit with them. is there a way to make the curves to be top of the beams instead of being the center of the beams? since it makes a difference in the geometry.


Yes there is. Take a look at the below GH definition.

Beam Z (11.4 KB)

RevitBeam node has a parameters input. You can connect a parameter object to that. Type in the name of the parameter and its value. Then you are done.

z Justification of beams is an enumeration parameter. So its value is not Top-Center-Bottom in Revits API but they are stored as numbers (0-1-2…). This way you can set any instance parameter.