Gh to Revit: attaching multiple parameters

I am trying to attach multiple parameters to the RevitColumn and Revit Beam components in Grasshopper.
All works fine if I just attach 1 parameter, however when attaching 2 parameters all elements get generated at the same location in Revit.

Am I doing sth wrong here? Or are multiple parameters not considered in the components?


Hi @Laurin

would it be possible to share the file Grasshopper file with us? or at least a minimal reproducible example?

Hi Alan,

yes, here comes an example script.
You can test it with any stream and Revit file as long as a beam family is loaded into the project.
Input are 2 curves.

Speckle (13.4 KB)

Thanks for the help,

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Thanks for this @Laurin,

can you make the stream you’re using public? or add me as a reviewer? :slight_smile:

Sent you an invite :heavy_check_mark:

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The script looks OK to me, and the generated Beams seem to be both using the same Generated Level 0.

I think what you’re experiencing is due to the fact that your Rhino is set to model in mm, so you’re sending something that is really, really small (50mm each line).

This results in Revit drawing them super close to the origin. Try setting the units in your rhino document to match whatever you want to be modelling in and see if that does the trick.

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 12.13.03

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Hi @AlanRynne,

thanks for your help, it was an obvious mistake on my side🤦‍♂️
It works perfectly fine now.

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Don’t hesitate to get back to us if you find yourself in another tight spot! :slight_smile:

If it makes you feel any better, I’ve done the same thing myself several times… :sweat_smile: