GH surface --> Revit WallbyFace no stream generated


Question; I am trying to transform a surface from GH into Revit using the RevitWallbyFace component.
The component doesn’t give an error.
However when I look at the stream there is nothing there…

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

  1. what is meant to go into the ‘Type’ input, wall thickness?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

What you put in Family should go in Type. Family is probably Basic Wall. See the screenshot below for an example, Basic Wall is the Family and Retaining - 300mm Concrete the Type.
Next to that, you should use the Speckle V2 sender in GH (you’re using V1).
Good luck!



Thanks for your answer! (rooky mistakes :sweat_smile:)
I have made the changes you suggest, unfortunately it still gives an error when generating the stream…
See below, any suggestion what is the cause?

Thanks again!

Speckle2.0 - Walls (14.9 KB)


Hello @GH007 !

We recently changed the behavior of BIM schema components in grasshopper to give users the option of sending their walls, for example:

  1. as a Wall object
  2. as a Geometry object with a Wall schema attached.

The reason you are seeing a “No displayable objects” error in the viewer is because by default all generated components are set to option 1, and since the wall was generated in GH it doesn’t come with any display meshes attached (unlike when they are sent from Revit, where the wall geometry is already created).

If you manually select option 2, you should see the surface input parameter rendered in the viewer and no longer get that error message:

Either way, you shouldn’t have any trouble actually receiving the wall object even with the viewer error - it should still be properly generated and created if you try to receive it in Revit! Let us know if this isn’t the case.

We may make a note to either add a remark in GH when using option 1 on schema objects so the displayable error doesn’t confuse users, or improve our components to generate display meshes from input geometry when possible with option 1 :slight_smile:


Ahh thank you!

It works indeed! perfect :slight_smile:

2 more question, if you dot mind :slight_smile:

  1. What would be the best approach/manner when I would like to make a hole inside the wall (e.g. red surface shown in picture)?
    Any suggestions / what component I should use?

  2. I noticed when ‘generating’ the walls in Revit it is quit slow compared to loading Floors and columns (they are really fast :+1:)?
    unfortunately, just the 5 walls shown below took 30seconds to ‘load’. Any idea how come / is this normal?

Thanks again!


Hey @GH007,

not sure about your first question. I’ll try to setup a quick example and share it with you.

As for the second one, the reason it’s taking such a long time is because you are sending Walls by Surface, which requires us creating a family for each wall geometry, which is sadly a very slow process in Revit.

I would suggest only using Wall by surface if it’s a wall with some complicated geometry. For normal straight walls, I’d go for using the baseline instead :slight_smile:


In regards to the hole in the wall, we have a RevitWallOpening class but it’s not yet exposed via the Grasshopper BIM nodes… We’ll see what it takes to add it!


@teocomi , Thanks for your reply!

If I do understand correctly, at the moment it is not possible to make a hole inside a wall?

I know this is always difficult to answer, but Would it be possible to give me some indication when this would become availabe? It would be really handy!

Just a suggestion: It would be great if there is something similar to the ‘voids’ in the RevitFloor. This works perfectly to make openings in floors :+1:


Thanks again!

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I just created an issue for this, we’ll try pick it up in the current sprint but if it turns out to be more complicated it might get done in ~1month.

In the meantime, a workaround could be to create a line base family (eg a beam) which is made of only a void rectangular form. You should then be able to us this to perforate multiple model elements, I’ve seen this method to create multiple beam openings at once for instance.

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Ahh thank you very much!
Looking forward already :slight_smile:

To be honest I cant follow the workaround fully. How can a line geometry create an opening (probably some Revit logic, which I can’t follow🙈). Would it be possible to explain in a bit more detail?

Thanks again!:v:

Sure, I haven’t done it myself, but when you create a new family from scratch in the Revit editor you can select “Void Forms”, if you only have these in your family, it should act as a Opening. It might not work with walls though :slight_smile:


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Would it be possible to give me a headsup when there are updates regarding the ‘opening’ component for walls? that would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Hi GH007, it’s being tracked here and we’ll definitely let you know once we tackle it!
Thanks for your patience

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Ahh perfect, thanks!