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I have been experimenting with the GH to Revit connection. When I receive items in Revit, if I select Create, as expected it will create the objects from the latest branch commit. However, when I select Update, I would expect that it will just check the existing objects and update only the ones I have changed. Unfortunately, instead of Updating the items, it deletes all previous elements and creates the new ones (which for example I changed only in property). Has anyone faced this issue or I am missing some very little but critical step that will let me update the element without deleting the rest?

Example: I create 10 columns with cross section X, then I change the cross section of 1 of the columns to Y in GH and send it again from GH to Speckle(just the updated column as a new commit). When I receive in Revit the newly updated column (the latest commit with 1 item), it deletes everything that is not part of it, so it deletes all my existing elements in Revit.

Thank you!

Hi @richardmih! It’s actually easier than you think! Speckle does all the diff-ing for you, and you just need to keep sending everything in one go!

In short, if you send 10 columns, receive them in Revit, then modify one - don’t send just the modified one, but send all 10 of them again :slight_smile:

In the background, we’re doing all the heavy lifting and identifying the changes, sending only those through, and upon receiving in Revit, the same.

Let us know if this helps (or if things don’t work as described above - for some operations we cannot edit elements in place, and actually need to delete and recreate, but that’s a longer story).

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