GH and Revit questions

Just raising a few questions I have regarding GH and Revit.

  1. When I create a box in GH (and add data to it) and send it to Speckle, the box isn’t shown in the online viewer. Only when I create a mesh from the box it is shown. Is this how it’s intended? Or am I doing something wrong?
GH details Q1

Stream 1 - no geometry visible: Speckle
Stream 2 - no geometry visible: Speckle
Stream 3 - geometry is visible: Speckle

  1. In 1.0 it was possible to define and send a Revit grid line from GH to Revit. Will that be added in the future or am I missing something right now? (I don’t see it in this list:

  2. Would it be possible to define and send a Revit room from GH to Revit? (it also isn’t in the Revit supported categories list)

Hi @JdB! Good shouts!

Q1: nice bug find. It’s logged and will be done this sprint: Viewer: support boxes · Issue #270 · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub

Q1a: the image in gh: it might be something because boxes are gh native objects somehow, and our converter doesn’t know what to do with them. I think @AlanRynne is the most legit authority on the matter though :slight_smile:

Q2: logged and ticked off apparently here: Feat Revit: Additional conversions · Issue #394 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub. Perhaps @teocomi and/or @Ollie can provide more info on the status.

Q3: Also logged in Feat Revit: Additional conversions · Issue #394 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub, and discussed Sending Walls and Rooms from Revit 2020 to 2019 - #5 by a.halim - not sure of the status - again dropping that hot potato in the hands of @teocomi :grimacing:


Yep, Gridlines are go! It’s the other bits I’m still fussing around with.

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As others have said: grids have been added but not merged yet, rooms will be added soon (will come in Revit as unplaced rooms). Will keep you posted Jeroen!

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Hi!! Just looked into this and it seems our Extend speckle object does not take into account the possibility of the input not being Base (tried with a couple other convertible Rhino Geometries with same results).

I’ll open an issue for this, as it should handle this case properly.

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Thank you all for the very fast responses and clear elaborations!

Great to see all the amazing progress that is going on!


Quick note to say that we’ve added support for Rooms > Revit and grid lines too! This features will ship in the next release due in ~1 week.

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