Getting to know How Rhino and Revit parameters can be integrated using Speckle?

So there was this requirement that showed up at my desk this morning ( as you see below). Would Speckle be the best approach for integrating Rhino with Revit?

Requirements in BIM:
a. Creative Modelling Strategy (which elements will be natively modeled in Revit and which ones will be imported from other software such as Rhino, z-brush, etc.)
b. The process for importing organic elements, such as rockwork, from external software like Rhino, and ensuring adding the parameters that need to be maintained for seamless integration into the overall BIM model.

Help me with your insights, please!!

Hey @ShijoBIM7666 ,

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To answer your question, yes. You can use Speckle to convert your geometry from Rhino into Revit elements. Check out these tutorials to see it in action: