Getting Started Using the API in Python

hello! I’ve just started playing with speckle today and have run into some problems trying to use the API in python. I’m not too familiar with this so I may be missing something obvious, but my call doesn’t seem to pass on the parameters. this is how I’ve set it up:

import requests
import simplejson as json

headers = {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    'Accept': 'application/json',
    'Authorization': 'my-key'

params = {
    'name': 'izzy',
    'email': '',

r ='', params = params, headers = headers)

These are some of the responses I get:

search:  {'success': False, 'message': 'no search criteria present, or too short search string (must be > 2).'}
login:  {'success': False, 'message': 'Invalid credentials.'}
register:  {'success': False, 'message': 'Do not fuck with us. Give us your email.'}

(lol at the last one)

I’m able to get and create, but I just can’t pass my parameters. if someone could please point out to me where I’m going wrong, I’d really appreciate it!


python: 3.6.4
speckle: v1.2.6.110

Hello Izzy, disclaimer: I have no knowledge of python. I’ll point you towards @TomSvilans’s work on the blender plugin, which uses python and he’s got quite a bit of the speckle api calls set up in a separate speckle python library.

Hope this helps!

As a little extra, you could just register on the test server hestia and get your api token from your profile page - you can use this thereafter straight away in your authorization headers.

As well, if on windows, try using fiddler to debug your requests; you can see exactly what headers you’re sending, any body params, etc.

hi Dimitrie, thanks for the link to the python lib! I’ll have a look through and see if I can work it out.

I’m on hestia and am using my actual API token in my script, I just didn’t want to post it on here for fear that someone would have a bit too much fun with it haha

I’ll def try out fiddler; thanks for the recommendation!

Hi Izzy,

Take a look at and - once you have installed it - take a look at the implemented API calls in It should be enough to get you started, but do tell if you run into issues…

hi Tom,

thanks a lot for the help; I’m mostly up and running! I have no problems reading or deleting, however I did run into one problem trying to create a stream. I’ve set it up as so:

speck = speckle.SpeckleApiClient()
speck.StreamCreateAsync('python stream test!')


AttributeError: 'SpeckleApiClient' object has no attribute 'baseUrl'

I’m thinking it might just be a typo in the; the other calls work fine with url = self.server while the StreamCreateAsync def defines the url as self.baseURL?

other than that though, it’s all working smoothly. thanks again!

Hi @izzylys, yes, nice catch. That must be a typo left over from the rewrite. It’s fixed and uploaded.

Either pull the latest version from Github or do a pip upgrade to v0.2.6.

Happy to hear it’s working otherwise!

thanks for the update @TomSvilans!
sorry just one more thing I should have also noticed, but I think the return for that def should be r = rather than r = it’s currently throwing a name error:

NameError: name 'session' is not defined

Yep, sloppy checking on my part. Updated.

Also, @izzylys, if you’re so inclined, there are a bunch of simple API calls that need to be implemented. If you’re up to speed with Git and forking and such, have a go at implementing some if you feel that they are important, submit a pull request, etc. Most of it is copypasta from other API calls, using the .NET client as a reference for the relevant URLs and such.

I’'m just quite busy with other things at the moment so I can’t devote a huge amount of time to fleshing out the rest of the client, and any extra hands on the Python client would be really appreciated! Just an invitation :slight_smile:

@TomSvilans I’m a bit of a noob, but I’m happy to help out! I’ll def have some time later this week to take a look and see what I can do :+1:

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