Getting imported file

Is it possible, using for example Python SDK, to import file (e.g. IFC file ) to stream and then to get this file in it’s native format (not the converted into Speckle format one)? I need to get the file and not the base object.

If I can use the Speckle as the storage for my IFC files, tracking the versions, but not converting them into “object model” – that would be a greate feature!

Thanks for great community support, btw!

Maybe I just should to make a special Kit that will not make any conversion?

Hi @Maks_T !

Our database and APIs can only handle Speckle compatible objects, which means objects that inherit from [Base](, so you could create your own kit to do so, but it’s definitely a non-trivial task…

When uploading IFCs to Speckle we do create Base objects that correspond to IFC elements and have all their properties on them, hope that can work for you!


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