Getting a server admin role on speckle v1

Dear Speckle community.
I have a question regarding admin user on speckle v1.
If set to false this variable

# The first user to register gets a server admin role.
# A server admin is allowed access to all resources on this server.

How will be assigned the server admin role for a speckle instance?
I have a setup with MongoDB, but I don’t want to touch the collections to make an user admin.
So how will be this behavior?

Hi Bernando! If you set that env var to false, i’m afraid the only way to grant admin rights is by changing the role field in the db. This does not operate at db user roles, but purely at how access control is handled in the server application itself:

Quite a few popular CMSes, like wordpress, ghost, strapi, etc. work like this. If that’s disabled, there’s no server admin :slight_smile: - beyond the person in charge of the deployment/whoever has access to the db.

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Thanks @dimitrie, is quite clear. :slight_smile:

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