Get window dimensions in Blender

I am trying to get the dimensions of recieved roof windows in Blender and wonder if it would be possible the get these as custom properties similar to IfcOverallheight and width without having access to the actual steam? I can see the dimensions in the stream.


Hey @MaxT ,

Sorry for the late reply. Blender connector doesn’t include every Revit parameter as custom properties in Blender. But maybe this can be done via Python in Blender?

That would be enough. I just need to know where it is stored so I can access it in offline mode.

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Not a Blender Python expert here💁‍♂️ but feel free to ping us if you face any problems while doing that.

Hi @MaxT :wave:,

I have some news for you🧧. Currently, there is an option in Blender Connector called “Receive Scripts” which allows you to perform certain operations on received objects. However, in its current state, it doesn’t allow access to all parameters in base objects.

We had a chat with @Jedd and decided to add some methods to enable this and i created an issue👇:

You will be able to quickly access any data from your Speckle objects once we implement this. Following is an example:

We will implement it in the next release and i’ll let you know once we have an early version ready so you can give it a try. Thanks for sharing your workflow with us🤞.