Get available streams for a project (without knowing ID)


Just starting to use the Speckle. Really amazing.

We have set-up a project with people and permissions.
Once I add a stream to that project it’d make sense for the people involved in the project to be able to see all the available streams in their Grasshopper canvas and select which ones they want to receive. Instead of me sending them the IDs all the time.

Is this possible? I couldn’t find so far.


Thanks @mesropan & good shout (plus welcome to the forum!).

There is a “list my streams” component in grasshopper, which should include the ones shared with you by others. Nevertheless, it outputs things in a list and i guess is not very ergonomic.

I think there is room, when creating a receiver, to display a searchable list of streams that you have access to and facilitate selection, so this is this is a welcome suggestion!