Geometry User Attributes from Rhino Blocks


I have a construction grid made from lines as a rhino block- for each of these Lines- I have a rhino user attribute assigned- to define what Grid Number it represents.

I have sent it to a Speckle Stream

When I use Grasshopper to load in this stream, within the Grid Block, I can use DSO to get out the line geometry- but how do I get the user attributes I have assigned in Rhino- or even the host element of the Grid Line (as this could differ from the Layer the block itself is housed within).



User strings should be stored under userStrings. Here is an example:

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If user strings are attached to geometry (line, surface etc.), in that case our conversion routine will convert them into grasshopper lines/surfaces. In that case, right click on the receive component and check “Do not convert”. This will prevent automatic conversion and you’ll have access to the data embedded in the geometry.

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