Geometry (Families) is missing after Export from Revit to Speckle

Hi, we have this issue with missing some Families Like Conduit Fittings, and some other Families.

Maybe there are some settings that we didn’t see?

Hey @ZakharV thanks for the report and welcome!

We’re aware of this and are working to fix it in the coming 2.16 release - these MEP objects are coming to Speckle, but the connector is failing to retrieve their geometrical information, stay tuned for updates!


So sad to hear that, we had a high expectations from Speckle.
When u think this new Release 2.16 will be ready?
Or maybe you already have some beta-version for testing?

Hi @ZakharV ,

We don’t have unlimited resources and are moving as fast as we can :slight_smile:
We’re expecting to release 2.16 in about a month’s time and will be making regular pre-releases along the way - stay tuned here for updates!

Thank for the answer.
We r also a software developer for CAD and BIM systems, so I totally understand everything.
Will be in touch.

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As a note, especially since you’re a developer too: Speckle is open source, so those high expectations can be productively met not only by us, but by you too!

A community works best if contributions go both ways :slight_smile: If you’d be happy to contribute time towards coding a solution for this, do let us know so we can coordinate!