Geometry editing

Hi all,
this is a bit of conceptual question:
Is it possible to upload geometry from grasshopper into speckle and edit this geometry like in a standard geometry editor (but web-based), e.g. hover over a face and then drag in in a direction?
I saw that with speckle you can use GH parameters (sliders), but what if I want to e.g. just generate some randomised geometry in GH, rule-based, then let the user edit this geometry in a user interface, then send that user-edited geometry back to GH?
I’m very thankful for any hints and tips!

It’s defintively something that can be done, but it needs quite a bit of custom code to get going. threejs has an editor, but it would take quite something to make it work with speckle, and then make it output a new stream containing the user modified geometry; you would also be restricted to meshes in your edits.