Frontend 2 - Annotation Tags

Dear Specklers,

By integrating dimensioning you already undertook a big step … cannot wait to have those also in the frontend integrated.

The second important aspect would be a labeling of objects which can be used in commenting as well. Say you are selecting an object showing defined properties in an annotation label and are discussing those in comments. Or you want to Tag objects to have it as preparation for design meetings as base of discussion.

Also we still have the issue in our industry (at least I have the feeling for Germany), that out of convenience people prefer 2D PDFs showing all necessary information in annotation (multiple informations … this is why color filtering is not enough). People don’t want to click around. By showing models in topview orthomode … and having annotation … mindfucking the PDF aficionados is easier to achieve … and improves adoption drastically.

This would be super interesting to take a look at when your frontend 2 is rolled out and you have some time to tackle new functions :).