From rhino to revit

i’m trying to send floors from rhino to revit but each time i try to send them the floors is assigned in the defined level but with an offset height, can someone please help me with this

Hi Abeer,

Welcome to the Speckle! Feel free to Introduce Yourself if you feel like it🖖!

I tried to replicate your issue, but I didn’t manage to do it. The sending and receiving work fine on my end. Could you provide a bit more context?

  • What version of Revit are you using?
  • What version of Rhino are you using?
  • What version of Connectors are you using?
  • Did you use the Speckle Mapping Tool?

Can you share your 3D model with us? You can send me a direct message.

I recommend taking a look at the video below if you haven’t already.

In addition to what @Nikos said,

  • are you sending from Rhino (via Mapper) or Grasshopper?
  • what’s your expected behaviour?

HI Nikos, sorry for the late reply.
I’m using :

  • revit 2021.1.6
  • rhino 7 ( (Rhino 7, 7.29.23107.03001)
  • all connectors 2.18.4
  • yes i’m using a mapping tool before sending

and this’s the rhino file i’m working on
to speckle.3dm (208.9 KB)