From Blender to Revit or Archicad

Hi, i`v been using Blender for a couple of months and i miss the BIM and CAD drawing features so i realize there is Speckle!
I am newbie and really courious about how the connection work between 3d modelers like Blender and BIM programs like Revit and Archicad.

How does a mesh geometry created in Blender convert into native Revit or Archicad elements? Are they native architectural elements out of which you can create floorplans, sections or thats only valid if you use BlenderBim? If i dont use BlenderBim what will the mesh be in Revit and Archicad?
Thanks !

Hi @Constantinesis !

If you receive a mesh in a Revit document or family, it’ll become a direct shape by default under the “generic models” category. We are not creating native Revit system families from meshes (that’s a very challenging task!), but we could look into letting you specify a different category?

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HI @teocomi !
I`v been thinking about possible workflow between Blender and Archicad and wonder if there is a way to take advantage of both worlds. I know its now possible to send geometry to Blender for visualization purposes but what if it was possible to send some data to back to the Archicad as morph objects ? Or is this already possible?

There are some very handy and unique parametric tools In Blender, especially using instancing and scattering that I would like to be able to use in an Archicad project.

About Revit connection, the generic models that have been sent into Revit can they be further converted into Walls or other system families inside Revit itself?

Hey @Constantinesis ,

Thanks for the good suggestions! I’m not familiar at all with Archicad, but @izzylys can help look into morph objects.

In regards to more advanced flows, eg sending lines from Blender and receiving them as Wall system families in Revit, this is not possible at the moment, but we’re about to start exploring how that could be achieved via some sort of “Mapping Tool” - stay tuned!

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Thanks thats great to hear!
Another thing i just realized you are also looking into BlenderBim. Are you considering a two way connectivity with Archicad or Revit using BlenderBim approach ? Maybe that would be a better approach using the IFC system.