From Autocad to PowerBi

Hi, guys! I try to transfer visual data from Autocad to powerbi, I load data from this URL: Speckle

Data load succesfully, but I can’t load a visual, I try to connect with parameters like on the screeenshot. May be you know how I can solve this problem?


Hi @Sergey_Olennikov!

Congrats on being the first one we know of that’s trying ACAD+BI stuff in Speckle :partying_face:

Is your stream private by any chance? Visual can only load public streams (and it should be reporting an error as such in the visual, but it shows it as a tiny blue ! that’s easy to miss :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Scratch that, I can access the stream no problem, let me check in my powerbi version

It seems to me that the public, in any case the link opens for all. And don’t see any symbols in visual window, only white screen.

My stream:

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Seems like we were writing at the same time haha

I’m very pleasure if you can =)

I think the latest version has a bug that has already been fixed in the latest development version. We’re just finishing testing and should be releasing a new version early next week!

Meanwhile, can you try attaching some tooltip data, saving and reloading the report? I think the lack of tooltip data may be tripping it off.

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Yes, of corse. Where I can makie report?