I’m utilizing the Rhino to Revit connector. Is there a capability to transmit geometry as Freeformelements rather than Direct Shapes? Can this feature be accessed within the mapping tool? This functionality is pivotal for streamlining the workflow between the two platforms.

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Hi James,

Currently that is only possible via our Grasshopper BIM nodes, but not from Speckle Mapper in Rhino.
Can you tell us a bit more about your workflow and why direct shapes are not enough?

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The Main advantage with freeformelements is that you can assign object styles - subcategory to the elements for full control in the visibility graphics on the Revit side. Which isn’t possible with direct shapes. Iv’e also tried using the Grasshopper BIM nodes but Revit isn’t receiving the geometry from the online viewer. If you could provide a grasshopper script that would be amazing.

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Hey @James_Gilman ,

Here’s a simple Grasshopper script on how to create a Freeform element via Grasshopper. (9.6 KB)