Freeform Element, controlling Materials from GH to Revit

Hello guys

Is it possible to control the materials of the baseGeometries, or of the family in general that I am sending from GH to Revit using the Freeform Element component?

I am referencing to this article @AlanRynne and at the very end it says that I can “Easily apply materials to family”.

Any guidance on how to?

Hey @vwb ,

Have you tried adding a parameter and setting its value as a RevitMaterial?

Not sure. You mean like this?

I meant connecting the parameter directly as the FreeForm Element node’s parameter input. But looks like those parameters are also skipped.

I tried both ways. Any other ideas?

@vwb I just attempted it too, but it looks like our Freeform element conversion does not support materials. I believe “Easily apply materials to family” in the blog refers to assigning or modifying them in Revit, not via Grasshopper connector.