Finding the area of an IfcSpace

Hi Specklers!!

Super excited by the recent work to get the IFC import working making this feature really easy to interact with. I can see loads of exciting applications for this and thats great! I can see in the examples and also in the IfcDoor example disccussed here that we can get the attributes of the IfcDoor entity and this works beautifully. My question is to ask how to access the properties / quantities that are related to that entity but stored in IfcPropertySets.

As an example I would like focus on the example of IfcSpace which has the really useful property of Area which is stored in an associated quantity set and also (in case of revit) in a custom revit property set. The quantity set would probably be the right place to get that data but it would mean that the QTO would have to have been included in the export. Another would be to query all the property and quantity (values) associated to that entity that matched Area, but in that case we could have zero, two or one result. This can always be checked obviously with the shape that generated the space, which I suppose would be an alternative approach.

It would be awesome to hear what you are thinking about for this :slight_smile: I’m not sure what would be best but maybe some feedback from the entity on the available and calculable properties would be best? But I suppose I should start a new thread for that :slight_smile:

So for now what is the simplest way to access the Area from IfcSpace in the duplex example posted previously in graphQL?


Hi Tim, sorry for the long wait on a reply for this one. It seems like we’re not parsing those YET.

So, in short, good catch, and we’re going to try and get to this ASAP.


Great, @dimitrie looking forward to it!, we are sooo excited about this work!! great work @SpeckleTeam. This has already enabled us to put IFC easily in teams (and for the students to be able to edit update and query it), this is super cool! Keep up the great work - it is making a difference! :slight_smile:


Soft bump on this thread. I’m looking to get volumes of structural elements out of an IFC model. I’m pretty sure I can use IFCOpenShell to edit the original model and attach (or extract) that information before bringing it into Speckle but was wondering if there’s been any progress on this.

Hey @m-clare!

We recently added some improvements that should allow you to get the full property sets and type props from the IFC file (if it has them).

This has already been merged into our main development branch, so you should be getting it on the next release of the Server.

The feature is already available in our testing server, if you’re interested in trying it out before hand. We’d be super interested in getting some real-world scenarios fully tested, so your feedback on this matter would be amazing (or any other user for that matter!)

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll DM you with more details :wink:

I’m not really testing a real-world scenario, just getting more familiar with IFC, but I’d be happy to try some things out.

Hey @m-clare, just dropped you an invite to, or test server - feel free to let rip. PS: used the same address as you used to register on this forum. If it didn’t show up, let us know.

Hi @dimitrie I’m also interested to check and try it out! :nerd_face:

Invited! :incoming_envelope: And I need to type at least 20 characters…

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