Filled Regions from Revit do not have a mesh representation

Hi All,

I am trying to import a stream of “Filled Regions” that have been sent to speckle using Revit Client.
The object in the stream:

type: "Mesh/GenericElement",
properties: {
parameters: {
Area: 362.12921907753633,
Category: "Detail Items",
Design Option: "-1",
Design_Concrete_Is Prestressed: 0,
Design_Concrete_Is Reinforced: 0,
Design_Concrete_Kicker_Is Required: 0,
Design_Element_Is Composite: 0,
Design_Element_Is Contractor Designed: 0,
Design_Element_Is Key Element: 0,
Design_Element_Is Part of Truss: 0,
Design_Element_Is Primary Structure: 0,
Design_Element_Is Stability System: 0,
Design_Element_Is Transfer Structure: 0,
Design_Element_Life_Years: 0,
Design_Element_Weight: 0,
Edited by: "",
Family: "Filled region",
Family and Type: "Filled region: LP - Retail",
Image: "<None>",
Type: "LP - Retail",
Type Id: "1599564",
Workset: 5954
typeParameters: {
Assembly Code: "",
Assembly Description: "",
Background Fill Pattern: "",
Background Pattern Color: 0,
Category: "Detail Items",
Cost: 0,
Description: "Retail",
Design Option: "-1",
Dimensions_Mass Per Metre: 0,
Edited by: "",
Family Name: "Filled region",
Foreground Fill Pattern: "<Solid fill> [Drafting]",
Foreground Pattern Color: 16744576,
Line Weight: 1,
Masking: 0,
Section Shape: 0,
Type Comments: "",
Type Image: "<None>",
Type Name: "LP - Retail",
Workset: 36
elementId: "1604033",
id: "5fa3e65919b0ce0d48f6ea88",
hash: "b4a8f59108db59cad3d33a74c27af67c",
speckle_type: "Mesh/GenericElement",
objIndexInStream: 0,
layer_guid: "cadb9d47-7fa7-437c-8442-d6673d9a8d7d",
layer_name: "Default Generated Speckle Layer"
streams: [
_id: "5fa3e65919b0ce0d48f6ea88",
hash: "b4a8f59108db59cad3d33a74c27af67c"

But it seems it cannot be deserialized in Grasshopper:

Is it possible to deserialize it to a mesh in grasshopper somehow?


Hey @PiotrBuda,

I’ve never tried using FilledRegions, but it seems its mesh representation is not coming through since your JSON doesn’t have any faces or vertices props… I guess it might not be possible to do so, or the current logic might just be failing for FilledRegions (you know… Revit…!).

You could try debugging on this specific line to see what’s going on: SpeckleElements/ConversionsBase.cs at 39651ef2e5ea4e13be1a52f1d1873cc2257a677e · speckleworks/SpeckleElements · GitHub