FE2: versions and detached attributes

We just got our managed Speckle server upgraded with FE2, and it looks great :rocket:

I have two questions:

  1. Delete versions: In the old FE1 it was possible to mark several commits (versions), and then click a delete button to remove them. In my use case, this feature is super-useful! Is a similar feature available in FE2, or do I have to open the “Versions” view of a model and click-and-delete the versions one by one?

  2. View detached attributes: We are often using our Speckle server for data storage and exchange, and in our object models we have a lot of detached attributes. Although the Speckle objects that hold our data are not viewable in the viewer, since they are not geometrical objects, but data objects derived from Base, we are able to browse the data in the object tree, e.g. in the Scene explorer and the Selection info. In FE1, the detached attributes with their respective attributes were visible in the tree, but in FE2, the detached attributes are only represented by their “referencedId”. Is it possible to have the detached attributes available for unfolding and viewing in the Selection info in FE2?

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Hey @mortenengen ,

It is a bit hidden but it exists. Here is a screen recording that shows how to do it:


Bingo :partying_face: thanks @gokermu!

It would be great to have those checkboxes visible by default, though :thinking: