FE2: Onboarding Project

Hello guys,

I wanted to define an onboarding project for the colleagues to start with FE2. I defined the project of our deployment in the docker-compose.yml. Somehow this was not used for a new colleague logging in.

      # URL of a project on any FE2 speckle server that will be pulled in and used as the onboarding stream
      ONBOARDING_STREAM_URL: 'https://our-deployment.com/projects/projectid'

      # Increase this value to re-sync the onboarding stream

Is there anything else required to be specified?

Had a nice tiny boring project defined for it, nothing as fancy as you guys have :wink:

P.S: really love FE2!

Thanks and all the best,


Hey @AlexHofbeck

Can you share the full URL to the onboarding stream? It has to be a publicly accessible stream for it to work (as in - unauthenticated users must be able to access it).

Also - do you see anything in the server logs related to the onboarding stream/project?

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Hey @fabians,
thanks for your support on this. I will send you a PM at the end of the day with the infos (Link and Log). It is a publicly accessible link from our deployment.

provided you with the info in PM

For posterity: This turned out to be an actual bug which has now been fixed and the fix has been merged into main


Works now with the latest server version and was due to our URL.
and please consider this: