FE2: Deleting Models and Versions + additional Feedback Dashboard

Hello Specklers,

two things which came to my mind while using FE2 today

A) Deleting Models
When I’m in the Dashboard and want to delete a model … it is not possible

Only by going one level deeper, I see the options

Users might have this feeling too while testing it. It took me a bit until I understood that I needed to click on the model’s headline

Either the delete option occurs already on the top level … or the whole thing acts as one button

But also I mentioned to @agi that uploadable images might be nice for the top level. Maybe with some additional project keyfacts like Address, Type of Project, Costs, Embodied CO2, additional meta tags e.g.

Autodesk ACC looks like this:

Speckle Project Template might be also something nice

B) Deleting Versions
Is it possible to delete versions? Somehow I don’t find any option like with old FE




It does not fit into the post, but also the visibility of the Share button of the old frontend is acc. to my feeling better. In the new frontend it is a bit too much hidden. icon instead of text would be better, but this is my personal feeling.

Are you intending to go for the iframe option again? Because having this ready for the clipboard was really nice!

All good feedback here :slight_smile: You’ve already cc’ed Agnes, so i won’t bother doing it too - we’re adding it to our list.

Deleting versions can happen rather easily, two ways about it:
(the fact that you didn’t discover it is already a good data point for us)

You can see all versions of a model by going to its versions page, eg. Speckle

You get there by pressing that on-hover only tiny blue button:

In there, you can delete versions one by one or in bulk. To go in bulk, just use the select option from the version card’s menu.

Just talking about this makes me want to optimise UX :smiley:


Hi @AlexHofbeck,
Nice feedback :sparkles: And you are absolutely right with all of them. I make sure that we take your insights to our backlog list and work on them.
(And FYI I design-QA-ing the FE2 in the last couple of days and couldn’t manage to find how to delete a model version :smile: so it’s not you, it’s us :blush:)
Thank you again,

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