FE2 - bugs & features & feedback

Hello Speckle team,

Great work with the new FE2, I really like the aesthetics and experience!
I want to share with you few things that I noticed and some very small features that can be quite useful.

Bugs? :beetle:

I used the following free project to reproduce the bugs.

1_ Multiple filters
I noticed that when you add multiple filters, the model freezes, as shown in the video below. I tested this in both Chrome and Safari using two different Revit models. Additionally, I tested it on the old server (xyz), where it works fine.

2_ Isolate filter
I am not sure if the filter behavior is correct, but I thought that when you isolate the floors, you should see only floors. In the model below, the structural floor has a reference/relationship with the column. When you isolate the floors, you also isolate some of the columns (looks a bit random).

Features :magic_wand:

  • :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: Cmd+Z(UNDO), :arrow_right_hook: Cmd+Shift+Z (REDO) :

    Sometimes, you can miss-click a measurement or hide the wrong element. I think it’s quite useful to have the option to go back and forth. At least, I am super used to doing that with other apps. Also is quite useful when you present a model to a client/colleague etc.

  • :keyboard: Key Shortcuts (H - Hide, I-Isolate)

    In combination with Undo and Redo, you can navigate faster and with fewer mouse clicks.

  • :straight_ruler: Option to select one or more measurements and delete them.

    If you make one wrong measurement (e.g., snap to a wrong vertex), the user should be able to delete just that and not all the measurements.

  • :deciduous_tree: Filter → View Tree → Always Keep the Category at the Top.

    I think it would be helpful to keep the Revit Category at the top level when filtering. When you have many elements, you can get lost in huge lists. For example, if I filter for Types, I get the following.

:id: Last but not least, where is the objectId in the new UI?

I thought it was the same ID under the share button, but it’s not. The GraphQL doesn’t work with that ID; I have to go back to the old server to copy or get it through the GraphQL
query > versions > items > referencedObject. Maybe there is another way with the new UI?

That’s all! Thanks


Hey @Nikolaos_Argyros ,

Great feedback! Thanks for taking the time.

This feature is already implemented but a bit hidden. To delete a measurement, select it and press the delete key on your keyboard.

Data explorer from the old web app is not available yet in the new web app. We are actively working on incorporating it and will add it soon.


My bad, I had deselected the measurement button thats why I couldn’t select the measurements individually :melting_face:

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Hi @Nikolaos_Argyros

Thank you for the great feedback! You suggestions make sense and we will definitely take a closer look at them.

As for the reported bugs:

1_ Multiple filters

This has been fixed along with a bunch of other error-prone scenarios. The fix will be going live soon in one of the next iterations

2_ Isolate filter

This is an interesting one. And it turns out it’s not a viewer bug. I’ve studied how the objects are structured in that commit and there are several objects of RevitFloor type which have elements of type RevitColumn. When you choose to isolate the RevitFloors it will also isolate the Columns that are children of the Floor objects. To be honest, that stream is over 2 years old and it’s possible that since then the revit connector no longer structures the object in such a way that columns get mixed in with floors